Federal State Unitary Enterprise
“State Design Survey and Scientific Research
Institute of Civil Aviation “Aeroproject”
(FSUE “Aeroproject”)

FSUE “Aeroproject” is a unique organization which celebrated its 75 years anniversary in 2009.

Today professionals work in Aeroproject – designers, surveyors and researchers – more than 30 professions. It makes possible to solve in system mode tasks of development and reconstruction of airports (heliports) and its infrastructure facing the customer.

Innovative processes are being actively introducing in Aeroproject – as when organizing the process of implementing of design, scientific and research works as when developing projects in the basis of which application of the most modern technologies and materials. Aeroproject collaborates with GK “Rosnanonotech” in the problems of application of nanotechnologies in the airport construction industry.

The complexity of the institute (design survey and scientific research) allows applying the latest scientific achievements in its projects efficiently.

The scientific departments of Aeroproject are engaged of calculating theory and development of new types of aerodrome constructions, aerodrome exploitation problems, evaluation of condition of aerodrome pavements, environmental problems, elaboration of ecological passports, building of aircraft noise distribution diagrams, business plans development, feasibility studies, etc.

FSUE “Aeroproject” is a permanent contributor to the development of Federal Target Programmes on development of the domestic transport infrastructure. The research departments of the enterprise participate in the development of Federal Aviation Rugulations and other industrial normative documents too.

Aeroproject has unique laboratory facilities including the ground bed that makes possible to test fragments of new types of the aerodrome pavements.

Aeroproject in cooperation with GosNII GA and the Ministry of Civil Aviation provided formation of the aerodrome network of the country in the middle of 1970s.

The most airports of the former Soviet Union and of course Russia is built by the project of the Aeroproject’s institutes system. At present Aeroproject collaborate successfully with the leading design organizations in the field of design of civil aviation objects. Among them are OAO “PI and NII VT “Lenaeroproject”, OOO “Sibaeroproject”, OAO “PII VT “Dalaeroproject”, RGP “Kazaeroproject”, GPT and NII GA “Ukraeroproject” and others.

The demand for FSUE “Aeroproject” ensures the stable backlog of business orders and market position. And many years of work experience, the formed reputation as a reliable partner and high qualification of the staff guarantee 100% implementation of orders.

Now Aeroproject is a successfully growing enterprise capable of performing any work related with the development of the civil aviation ground base.